This website has been set up
by and for people who love Father Hanly,
and for all those who never met Father
but are searching for love, kindness and hope.

Every Sunday, we will upload
a recording of a homily by Father Hanly
for that day’s Mass readings.

These homilies were recorded,
with Father Hanly’s permission,
over a period of more than five years.
He also very kindly gave us permission
to upload these homilies to our website.

We hope that through these recordings Father’s words might continue to
guide us and change our lives.

The homilies were taped in an ordinary parish,
so sounds from the congregation
and slips of the tongue
are part of the package,
but it is a package which is filled with
Father’s wisdom, generosity and love.

When possible, transcripts of the recordings will be uploaded at the same time.

With time, more photos and words about Father will be added, and comments and suggestions are welcomed.

You can reach us at

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