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Father’s Anniversary

Father’s Sixth Anniversary On Monday, 26th October 2020,Father Hanly’s 6th Anniversary,the 6pm Mass at St Joseph’s Churchwill be offered for Father Hanly. All are welcome to attend. Those unable to attendare asked to give thanks for and pray for Father instead.

Father’s Birthday

Father’s Birthday Mass For Father Hanly’s birthday, on 29th August 2020 (this coming Saturday), Mass will be offered for Father Hanly at St Joseph’s Church in Garden Road, As all public Masses have been cancelled until further notice, this will be a private Mass and we will not be able to attend. We ask everyone…

Future Posts

From now on, instead of posting the homily of the week on our home page,, we will post it: on our This Week tab, on the new Facebook page Father Hanly and directly to people’s email addresses. If you are not currently on our email list, but would like to receive Father Hanly’s homily…