Father’s Birthday

Father’s Birthday Masses

For Father’s birthday, on 29th August 2015 (this coming Saturday),
the following Masses will be offered for Father:

7am at St Margaret’s (in Chinese)
7.45am at St Joseph’s (in English)
6pm at St Joseph’s (in English).

Everyone is invited to attend.

Those unable to attend are asked to give thanks for and pray for Father instead.

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  1. Ann H. St Denis-Meadows says:

    Thanks to all of you for your kind remembrance of my brother Denis. I will keep you in my prayers. He loved all of you unabashedly while sharing his deep kindness so readily. AnnHanlySt. Denis Meadows

    1. Jane says:

      And we love Father. We will never forget his love and his kindness to us and we will do our best to pass it on. Thank you very much Ann. You will be in our thoughts and prayers too — especially this Saturday.

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