Reader’s Choice – Peter

Reader’s Choice – Peter

This week, the homily by Father Hanly that we are running was chosen by Peter Ho. Listen to Peter’s choice and read his reasons for his choice plus a little bit about his connection to Father Hanly.

We were looking for suggestions for a homily by Father to rerun this week as we do not have a homily for 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C.

Peter Ho said:

This Sunday will be the 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time and the gospel of that Sunday is from Luke 19:1-10, about the tax collector Zacchaeus seeking to see Jesus.  

“I would suggest that you consider Father’s homily previously delivered on Holy Thursday in 2009. 

(To read or listen to this homily, you can click Holy Thursday, Year B or scroll down.)

“He talks about what Jesus sees in all of us – what He sees in each of us – the humanity; and how He wants us to love each other as He loves us.  Father refers also to Zacchaeus and what Jesus sees in Zacchaeus.

“We are in a way all Zacchaeus and it is encouraging to be reminded again that we too can be asked to dine with Jesus, and we too be served by Jesus (as he did for the disciples during the Last Supper).  And Zacchaeus has become a disciple … and presumably he serves and loves others as Jesus did that to him.”

About Peter:

“I grew up in Wah Fu Estate – in the Lady of Lourdes Parish. I got to know Fr Hanly since my secondary school days when he came to our parish. He was our parish priest and spiritual director for the Readers’ Association (he put in a lot of efforts in training us to read the Scriptures in liturgy). You can imagine he worked hard for us as we read in Cantonese!

“We had kept in touch on and off and I went to him for spiritual advice more frequently when he was in St Joseph. He officiated my marriage in St Joseph. He provided a lot of spiritual support to me when I went through different challenges for which I was and will always remain very grateful.

“I miss him so much and regretted for not seeing him more often when he was in St Margaret.”

About Father’s homilies, Peter said:

“I am grateful that you and others have worked so hard and put in your heart to make Fr Hanly’s homilies available to all. They are really spiritual treasures and will help many souls.”

You can read and listen to the homily for Holy Thursday, Year B,  via links below:

Last Supper
We Are All The Precious Children of God

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